The Pain

As credential stuffing, credit card scam, address scrambling, and other attacks were increasing in volume and sophistication, True Alliance was starting to feel the pain. Revenue and customer losses from website slowdowns and downtimes were becoming unbearable.

The Solution

To maintain its position as a market leader, True Alliance focuses on the long-term success of all of its brands. Considering cybersecurity to be a major driver of its business optimization, it was intent on investing in a best-in-class solution to protect its platforms against bot attacks. Regan and his team raised the bar high, searching for the perfect solution that would be easy to deploy, prove efficient from day one, generate a low total cost of ownership, and offer prime customer service. After evaluating several vendors, the team unanimously selected Kasada.

“Kasada was implemented in just minutes, and immediately neutralized our flow of attacks. Amazed by how simple and immediately efficient the solution was, we also really liked the interaction with the Kasada team. They were enthusiastic, highly knowledgeable and very easy to do business with"Regan MacDonald