Automation as the Kill Switch to Malicious Bot Attacks

Research from Katherine Teitler at TAG Cyber

This report explores why firms need to leverage next-gen bot detection solutions in order to compete with the increasingly sophisticated tactics of bad actors.

What sets next-gen solutions apart? TAG Cyber has identified the six key differences between a traditional and next-gen bot detection solution.

Traditional bot detection Next-gen bot detection
Accepts client requests then looks for suspicious behavior Detects automation in real-time, without letting requests into infrastructure   
Misses bots from legitimate IP & user agents Applies zero trust methodology
Requires continuous learning and rules management No rules to manage or heuristics to learn
Requires a high level of expertise to maintain Minimal maintenance, keeps defenses invisible and responds with low feedback
Becomes ineffective when adversaries retool Identifies evidence when automation is present to immediately adapt to retooling
Is easy to reverse engineer Cannot be easily reverse engineered

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