Sneaker Bots Fueling Innovation in Underground Bot Economy

Hear a spirited discussion regarding the democratization of sneaker bots and the new challenges it presents for any online or eCommerce provider, with its impact expanding rapidly beyond footwear.
Watch this webinar with Joe Krull, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst at Aite Group and Sam Crowther, Founder at Kasada, to learn:
  • How stealthy automation tools allow bot operators to rapidly scale their attacks, along with the unique challenges this presents for anyone selling goods or processing credit cards online
  • Different types of bots retailers are up against, such as all-in-one (AIO) bots, Chrome plugins, open source DevTools, bots-as-a-service, and scanner bots
  • A real-world case study about how a major footwear company shut down bots during their hype sales launch and stopped carding fraud


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