Stop automated attacks before they steal your data and revenue, disrupt customers, and damage your brand.

Kasada is an online traffic integrity solution that protects enterprises and mid-size businesses against the damaging, often underestimated effects of malicious automation across your web, mobile, and APIs. 

Unlike alternative solutions that provide incomplete, easy-to-detect, and inefficient bot mitigation tools (which are not only costly to deploy and maintain but also add friction and latency to the user experience), Kasada:

  • Makes bots, not humans, do the work, by cleverly deterring synthetic traffic with a cryptographic challenge that makes it arduous and expensive for bots to continue their attacks, while remaining imperceptible to (and requiring no action from) end users.
  • Is extremely efficient, easily implements within minutes, and demonstrates clear ROI across multiple departments.
  • Is highly effective, delivering the best detection and lowest false positive rates on the market today.

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