We Stop the Sophisticated Bot Attacks Others Can't

Demand better protection than rule-dependent, easy-to-bypass, and expensive to maintain solutions can provide.

  • 85% of our customers were using other bot mitigation providers prior to contacting us
  • Protecting billions of dollars in eCommerce transactions every month
  • Stopping 5 billion requests monthly that were mistakenly bypassed by legacy systems in front of us
Kasada Customer Logos July 2021

With Kasada, you can...

  • Realize time-to-value within 30 minutes with long-term efficacy and little to no maintenance
  • Protect from the first request, including attacks unique to your organization and those never seen before
  • Achieve the most accurate detection and lowest false positive rate in the industry
  • Avoid customer friction by defending against bots invisibly without the use of CAPTCHAs      
  • Deter retooling attempts and strike back by inflicting financial damage on attackers

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